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We are the first provider in the financial market to offer sustainable finance support services!

Green Bond Framework.
Green Certification.

The European Parliament has adopted the EU Taxonomy on 18 June 2020 – a key piece of legislation that will contribute to the European Green Deal. It will help create the world’s first-ever ‘green list’ – a  classification system for sustainable economic activities.

The EU Taxonomy sets out the requirements for six environmental objectives of which Climate Change mitigation and adaption have been adopted and will enter into force in December 2020. Each objective is supplemented with a specific technical screening criteria to determine which economic activities can qualify for each environmental objective.

The remaining  four objectives and their criteria should be ready by 2021.

Sustainable issuers may align with the following internationally recognised standards that promote credibility, assurance, transparency and growth:

EU Green Bond Standard ‘EU GBS’ (aligned with the EU Taxonomy)

Climate Bond Initiative Standards

The ICMA Principles (Green/Social/Sustainable)

A green certification or label is a pre-requisite for launching a credible Green Bond that is able to attract a diverse investor base, be an ‘easy-find’ and increase the reputation of its issuer. The green label also reassures investors that there is no green washing, and thus promotes transparency and strong growth of sustainable finance.

HOWEVER, before obtaining this valuable green certification, Green Bond issuers have to establish their own Green Bond Framework in alignment with either of the above recognized standards.

The green bond market with its regulations and taxonomy may appear like a maze! We are here to guide you through its perceived complexity and assist you with obtaining your green certification.

Greenlit will assist you with the following:

  • guidance on ICMA’s Principles, CBI’s standards & EU GBS
  • coordinate Pre-issuance and Post-issuance requirements for CBI certification
  • establishing a robust framework aligned to market expectations
  • ensuring framework is fit for submission to external reviewer for evaluation
  • assistance with defining meaningful performance indicators for reporting
  • assistance with selecting and contracting the right external reviewer
  • support during the review process until completion
  • clear outline on ongoing obligations

We understand the intellectual foundation of the Green Bond Market.

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