Nasdaq Nordic Sustainable Market

Why not look at EU Passporting your Green Bond to Nasdaq Nordic for more visibility

NASDAQ Nordic Market.

The benefit for prospective green bond issuers to list on Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Market are a quality stamp due to the market’s high ESG standards and global recognition.

There are currently two sustainable bond segments at Nasdaq Nordic, one on the main market Nasdaq Stockholm – Stockholm Sustainable Market and the MTF – First North Bond Market Sweden.

Bonds aligned to ICMA’s principles or the Climate Bond Initiative Standards are all accepted for listing.

Nasdaq Nordic is the worlds’ first sustainable bond list to be launched. Since 2015, the green bond segment has grown steadily with social and sustainable bonds widening the scope. 

One alternative for issuers from other jurisdictions who would like to increase their visibility and  tap into the highly active Nordic green bond market, is to passport their prospectus.

The exchange-regulated First North Bond Market Sweden, a MTF is another option to get listed. The process for both is easy and cost effective. 

We can assist you with the formalities to have your bond use EU passporting opportunity or can apply for a listing on the First North Bond Market.

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