50% market share of listed green bonds, the first dedicated platform to green, social and sustainable Bonds and the favourite choice of sovereign issuers.

The Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX)

Green Finance – It is the future!

As an environmentally-minded company, Greenlit endeavours to play a key role in promoting and facilitating Green Finance.

Green Bonds – Assuring Our Future

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is the first exchange to launch a platform dedicated to green, social and sustainable bonds, The Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).

It defines clear eligibility criteria and entry is restricted to issuers that provide full disclosure and fulfil their reporting obligations. In doing so, the LGX is promoting trust, transparency and ensuring quality issuance for investors. It also provides a dedicated hub of information where issuers can market their instruments, publish the required information and, where investors have free access to all information available on green securities.

The LGX caters for both issuers promoting their social and environmental strategy and investors who are facing more pressure to invest sustainably.

Let us assist you by being your Green Bond listing agent.

We will really assist you.™

Your Green Bond listing partner

We offer:

  • a fully fledged, one stop shop securitization issuance platform with full SPV management as well as Corporate Trust services

  • assistance as to eligibilty compliance and related queries with the LGX Green Team

  • list and contacts of verified reviewers for ex-ante external reviews (certification, Verification, Rating report, Consultant Review)

  • application and submission of the listing application and supporting documentation

  • assistance with the entry requirements of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX)

  • comprehensive support service during the review phase resulting in a seamless listing procedure until admission

  • continuous disclosure  and reporting requirements (ongoing obligations – Ex post reporting)

  • publication of notices

Green securitization – new green finance opportunities

In the context of a green securitization, we offer a one stop shop solution for our clients providing fluidity and cost reduction.

Please follow the link below to view Our turn-key Platforms.

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have in relation to our services or products.
We can really assist you!™

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